High Performance Composite
Design and Manufacturing
Canada Research Chair - Tier 1

Embedded damping element in composites

Professor : Annie Ross
Project coordinator : Edith Roland Fotsing, research associate
Participants : Dina Sandrine Rakoto Ramambason, Ph.D. student
Matthieu Sola, M.Sc.A. student
Félix Miron, undergraduate student
Felix Dinguiguian-Bednar, undergraduate student


The main objective of this project is the development of a new passive vibro-acoustic treatment for composite panels and composite aircrafts skins to reduce structure-borne transmission of mechanical vibration and the airborne transmission noise. The strength and the stiffness as well as the damage tolerance of the composite panel should be maintained and the total added mass of the treated component must not be higher than 5 %. Moreover the vibro-acoustic treatment must be compatible with the composite manufacturing process.