High Performance Composite
Design and Manufacturing
Canada Research Chair - Tier 1

Development of a curing kinetic characterization tool for thermoset resins

Professor : Edu Ruiz
Project coordinator : François LeBel, Ph.D. student
Participant : Alexandre Cormier Belley, undergraduate student



During the polymerization of a thermosetting resin, heat generation occurs: The ‘’CureLab’’ project is based on this phenomenon. By quantifying the exothermic energy produced during the curing, it is possible to identify thermal events as the exothermal peek and the end of reaction. The process consists of putting a small quantity of resin in a mould equipped with thermocouples and heat flux sensors. The data are used to generate a thermal footprint which gives information about the relative degree of cure. The CureLab system could be also use to make conductivity and diffusivity measurement of a material.
The objectives of this project are to characterize the cure kinetics of thermosetting resins, to lower the cost of production due to the curing time and to do some quality control on thermosetting resins (monitoring of resin ageing).