High Performance Composite
Design and Manufacturing
Canada Research Chair - Tier 1

Dynamic compaction on fibrous reinforcements

Professor : Edu Ruiz
Project coordinator : Julian Gutiérrez, Ph.D. student



The comprehension of fibrous material response when compressed during composite manufacturing by Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) is essential to better understand these procedures. It is well known that some aspects like the mould closing speed and force, the resulting part thickness and the variation of the permeability tensor, are linked to the reinforcement nature. Some experimental observations have shown in the past that the behaviour of fibrous materials under compression evolves in time. Under this viscoelastic approach, this project aims to study the response of reinforcement during the manufacturing process.

For this research, some equipment such as a Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyser (DMTA) and a Universal Testing Machine has been modified to apply precise compaction cycles on fibers. The viscoelastic behaviour of fibrous materials will be studied according to temperature, fiber volume fraction and compaction speed variations. The effect of fibers nature and structure will be also investigated. Amongst the reinforcement to be tested, there are glass fibers, carbon fibers and natural fibers, disposed in continuous filament random mat, taffetas and non crimped bidirectional fibers.

Finally, the goal of this project is to find viscoelastic behavioural models for fibrous reinforcement under compaction. These generic models would be used to analyse compaction cycles or to support numerical simulations for composite manufacturing by LCM.