High Performance Composite
Design and Manufacturing
Canada Research Chair - Tier 1

Surface defects characterization for interior design of business aircrafts

Professor : Edu Ruiz
Project coordinator : Edith Roland Fotsing, research associate
Participants : Catherine Billotte-Cabre, research associate
Philippe Causse, Ph.D. student
Émilie CHARETTE, M.Sc.A. student
Gaelle SALESSE, foreign student


The surface quality is crucial for interior design of business aircrafts. Surface defects usually appear near the fixation areas of the composites sandwich panels. Due to the slow apparition pace, those imperfections become more visible after the airplane is in service costing thousands of dollars to the industry. The main objective of this project is to identify and eliminate those surface defects. Innovative methods to prevent the apparition of such surface imperfections will be also proposed. Ultimately, new manufacturing procedures for composite sandwich panels used for airplane interior design will be implemented.