High Performance Composite
Design and Manufacturing
Canada Research Chair - Tier 1

Nanocomposites Characterization and Manufacturing

Professor : Edu Ruiz
Project coordinator : Nadir Kchit, postdoc fellow
Participants : Farida Bensadoun, M.Sc.A. student
Élizabeth Michaud, undergraduate student
Tommy Carozzani, foreign student


Mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of carbon and clay nanoparticles make them excellent candidates for reinforcement of many polymer matrices.

However, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) injection molding process, which has been developed those last years and is a major research subject in CCHP laboratories, mainly concerns macroscopic fiber composites. Polymer nanocomposites made by an injection process are a new challenge of realization with high potential in desired properties and diversification of applications. The extraordinary properties of nanoparticles combined with CCHP knowledge in injection processes are a great opportunity of experience for master or internships students.

The objective of the project is to produce parts containing nanoparticles by injection moulding process. Up to now, samples of thermosets/nanoparticles are produced and characterized. Experiments are made with rheometer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) and Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) on nano-modified resins, and VA-RTM (Vacuum Assisted-RTM) parts are made and mechanically tested.